“I put off downsizing and leaving our family home, but now I wish I had moved here much sooner — life is so much easier and more enjoyable.”

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Tips For Downsizing

Downsizing can be an opportunity for sharing and enjoying great memories with family and friends. Keepsakes can be handed down so they can continue to be enjoyed. Items can be sorted into distinct categories: take/keep, give to family, sell or auction, donate to charity, recycle and throw away.

Here are some more tips for downsizing:

  • Ask Yourself Some Questions
    • Will this fit in my new space?
    • Is it beautiful, useful, important or loved? Or am I just keeping it out of habit?
    • Will it still be useful or functional in my new home?
    • Can this item or piece of furniture save space by serving two functions?
    • Is it easy to care for, or does it require special attention?
    • Is it comfortable for my physical condition or stage of life?
  • Helping Family Members
    • Be understanding — downsizing is a difficult process.
    • Don’t push or rush — offer as much help and guidance as needed.
    • Stay focused on completing one small area at a time.
    • Make a couple of passes through if it can’t be done all at once.
    • You can even put things in storage temporarily if needed.
  • Making It Easier to Let Go
    • Lay out items that need to go and invite loved ones to pick what they want.
    • When giving treasured keepsakes to family and friends, share with them the story behind the piece.
    • Donate serviceable items to charities that help the less fortunate.
    • Have an estate sale and use the proceeds to purchase pieces for your new home or donate profits to your favorite charity.
  • Step-By-Step
    • Start with the rooms in your house you aren’t using.
    • Make decisions about big pieces of furniture before tackling smaller items.
    • Give yourself plenty of time to make good decisions.
    • Take lots of breaks and ask friends and family to help.
    • Remember the goal is to simplify.
    • Have packing supplies, boxes and bags on hand to pack as you make decisions.
    • Schedule the donation truck to come over as soon as you are done.